City Profile
Jinjiang is sited in the southeast coast of Fujian Province, southeast of Quanzhou City and south bank of the downstream of Jinjiang River.
Jinjiang was established as a county in 718 AD, and converted to a city in 1992. The area of land is 649 square kilometers, and it’s coastline measures 122 kilometers in length. Jinjiang governs 13 towns, 6 sub-districts and an Economic Development Zone, with total registered population of 2.42 million permanent residents.
Born to the sea since ancient times, Jinjiang people love to brave the wind and waves, give birth to the humanistic advantages of being brave in winning and being the first. Nine out of ten households here have relatives overseas has become one of the biggest characteristics of Jinjiang. 3 million overseas Chinese whose ancestral homes are in Jinjiang are spread all over more than 60 countries and regions in the world, many of them emerged to be leaders of overseas Chinese.

As separated only by a strip of water from Chinese Taipei, Jingjiang is the nearest place in Mainland China to Kinmen, with merely 9.6 km away from it.

Historic City
With a history over 1, 300 years, Jinjiang was set to be a county in 718 AD and had been the capital of Quanzhou Prefecture. As the birthplace of greatness, Jinjiang has cultivated 11 literary and martial Number One Scholars, 16 Zaixiang(chancellors in feudal China) and is one of the 18 counties (cities) with thousands of scholars in China. As an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, Jinjiang has developed commercial relationship with countries all over the world since ancient times, and various types of cultures, such as marine culture, religious culture and central China culture, add radiance and beauty to each other here. It is hailed as the “Honorary Cultural Relic of the World”, to a “Place of Buddhism in Quannan” and a “Coastal Area with Prosperous Culture”. Jinjiang has 4 world intangible cultural heritages, 7 national intangible cultural heritages, 9 national and 13 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, Anping Bridge, the Statue of Mani Buddha in Cao’an, and the pictures of the ancient kiln site of Jinjiaoyi Mountain listed in the World Heritage List. Nanyin and Puppet in the Palm are well-known at home and abroad, and Wudian traditional block and Wulin traditional village have become new landmarks of Minnan culture.

Developed Economy
In 2022, Jinjiang reached 320.743billion yuan in GDP, with 4.0% increase.
The basic competitiveness of county economy ranks fourth in the country, and the comprehensive economic strength ranks first in the province for 29 consecutive years, creating 1/16 of the province’s GDP with 1/200 of Fujian’s land.
It has cultivated nearly 300,000 market players, over 90,000 private enterprises and 51 listed companies, ranking among the top counties in China.

It has 15 top “National Brands” and Regional Brands, such as National Sports Industry Base, China’s Capital of Footwear, World Capital of Jackets, China Base of Textile Industry and Famous City of China Leisure Food.

Strong Sports City

Jinjiang is a strong sports city, with such titles as National Sports Advanced City, China’s National Sports Industry Base, one of the first group of demonstration cities in national fitness building campaign. Jinjiang is also a national training base for badminton, as well as the only county to own both CBA and WCBA teams. Jinjiang has won the rights to host FISU University World Cup Fooball between in 2019 and 2023. It holds annually more than 2,000 mass sports events, and organizes large-scale sports events including World Beach Volleyball Tournament (a competition at UAJ, international level), International Marathon (an IAAF Silver Label Road Race) and World Boxing League Final. Jinjiang possesses sports fields of a total of 6.31 million square kilometers, and owns Jinjiang No.2 Sports Center, Anta Public Fitness Center, Jinjiang Football Training Center, Jinjiang Sport Center and other standard sports venues and facilities.

Quality City

In order to become an international and innovative city, Jinjiang takes an active part in Quanzhou Bay Urbar Construction, synergizing with Southwest Fuian Coordinative Development Zone and Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Metropolitan Area.Jinjiang,as a pilot city of China’s new-type urbanization,the Technology Promotion Award of Sino- Europe Green Smart City at the Sino-Europe Urbanization Partnership Forum.While actively promoting the international benchmarking of cities, Jinjiang is improving international facilities like schools medical institutions and communities, and relevant urban functions. Jinilang won the right to host the 18th World Gymnasiade(2020) and FISU University World Cup Football. In 2018,Jinjiang successfully held University Football Asian Cup. Jinjiang was titled National Civilized City, National Ecological City, National Garden City, National Maritime Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area, National Double- Support Model City National City of Advanced Science and Technology the City of Love in China Seven-Star City of Charity and the National Advanced City of Safe Construction.

City Honors
·Pilot Area of the “Maritime Silk Road”
·Type Ⅱ large-scale city
·National Landscape Garden City
·National Ecological City
·National Demonstration City of Rule of Law
·National Advanced City in Peace Building
·National Advanced City in Technological Progress
·National Sanitary City
·China’s Capital of Brands
·National sports industrial base
·China’s Capital of Footwear
·World’s Capital of Jackets
·China’s Base of Textile Industry National Ecological City
·National Demonstration City of Rule of Law
·National Advanced City in Peace Building
·National Advanced City in Technological Progress
·National Sanitary City
·China’s Capital of Brands
·National sports industrial base
·China’s Capital of Footwear
·World’s Capital of Jackets
·China’s Base of Textile Industry
·China’s Strong County of Food Industry
·China’s Capital of Umbrellas
·China’s Base of Packaging and printing
·National Advanced County in Culture
·National Advanced County in Sports
·One of Top 10 Cities of New “china-Made” Goods
·Demonstration Zone of National Import Trade promotion Innovation
·China’s Best Investment Service City
·China’ s Top 10 Best Investment Environment Cities
·One of the First to be Concluded in National Innovative(County) Cities
·Demonstration city of internationalized business environment in China
·The innovation county of 2022 business environment city
·National Civilized city
·National Model city in Military-Civilian Mutual Support
·Demonstration City of express delivery in China