Chinese women team impresses

  The Women tournament of the FISU University World Cup Football in Jinjiang started well for the host team. In a one-sided match, Beijing Normal University thrashed the Goethe University of Frankfurt (GER) 11-1.

  The match had barely started when Jana Buk, the German goalkeeper, realised she would have a bad day in the office. After two minutes she was beaten by Xinyu Zhou’s strong header on the first corner of the game and on the next action the bar miraculously saved her. Then it was all but poetry for the Goethe’s squad.

  The Chinese team was impressive, playing a fluid, technical, rapid and collective football. Camping in the German side of the pitch, attacking relentlessly, they were dangerous in almost each of their approaches. Logically, goals followed, including two beautiful shots from outside the box. It was 5-0 at the half time. Brutal. But more of the same was to come. Frankfurt scored a goal, Beijing’s forward Mengyao Zou three. To put Beijing Normal University among the clear favourites seems obvious after such a performance but the tournament is long and the opposition will be stronger in the next phases.

  The other match of the afternoon between the Universities of Kindia (GUI) and Sydney (AUS) was more disputed and balanced. Just before the half time Jaslyn Moore (Sydney) responded to Marie Camara’s early opener for Kindia. Then both teams had their opportunities but failed to convert.  

  In the evening, Paulista University (BRA), one of the tournament favourites, did not have to sweat too much to beat the College of Asian Scholars from Thailand (3-0). It was a convincing performance by the Paulistas who displayed as expected their above average technical ability.

 In what was the most exciting game of the day, Bordeaux showed why they are the European University Champions. Their football is strategically clever, very pleasant to watch and the team looks well balanced with no weak spots. Against the very solid Ukrainian squad of Uman State Pedagogical University, they produced a dominant attacking play and were always in control, with many opportunities. The prowess of Ukrainian goalkeeper Liudmyla Ustinova maintained the parity for one hour, until Chloé Zubieta’s shot at close range secured Bordeaux’s win.        

Results of the day:

Beijing Normal University (CHN)-Goethe University of Frankfurt (GER) 11-1 (5-0)

Zhou (2’, 1-0), Zou (31’, 2-0), Zhao (35’, 3-0), Liu (44’, 4-0), He (45’, 5-0), Zou (49’, 6-0), Huang (70’, 7-0), Hof (75’, 7-1), Shao (78’, 8-1), Zou (86’, 9-1), Liu (89’, 10-1), Liu (90’+4, 11-1)

University of Kindia (GUI)-University of Sydney (AUS) 1-1 (1-1)

M. Camara (9’, 1-0), Moore (40’, 1-1)

Paulista University (BRA)- College of Asian Scholars (THA) 3-0 (2-0)

Siridakis (21’, 1-0), Pereira (31’, 2-0, pen), Ribeiro (86’, 3-0). Red Card: Barbosa (Paulista), 66’

University of Bordeaux (FRA)-Uman State Pedagogical University (UKR) 1-0 (0-0)

Zubieta (59’, 1-0)